Areas of Expertise

An organization is only as good as the talent that inhabits it. The right employee is not based solely on skill, but also the employee being able to fit in your organization.

Whether your organization is looking for a flexi contract staff or a permanent solution for your hiring needs, we have the capability to deliver. We have a large database of skilled employees for jobs ranging from entry level to the senior most positions in the organizational hierarchy. We specialize in different industry sectors and our areas of expertise include the following.

01Recruitment in Agriculture

In the agricultural sector, we have professionals who are trained, qualified and willing to work in challenging environments. We have a professional team of experts who understand the industry requirement and ensure that we get the right kind of employees in order to provide the best solutions for our clients. To hire the best talent in the agricultural industry, reach out to us and let us help you.

02Recruitment in Aviation

The aviation industry is one of the fastest growing industries. Your organization needs access to skilled, customer friendly and experienced employees to be a part of this growth. We have a host of candidates who are skilled and qualified as per the industry standards. Find a solution for your hiring needs by getting in touch with us and submitting your job profile. We will find the suitable candidates for your aviation business.

03Recruitment in Banking:

There is always a demand for skilled bankers, bank managers and other bank staff in the financial and banking sector. The Futurz team is knowledgeable and understands the recruitment needs of banks and financial institutions. We can help you hire talented individuals who will strengthen your business organization.

04Recruitment in BPS:

Business Process Service involves outsourcing critical business activities. For this, high-quality employees and managers are necessary. Whether you are looking to hire on a temporary, contract or permanent basis, we can assist you. Moreover, if you need professionals who are flexible with different shifts, we will find the ideal match for your employing requirements. Volume hiring is our forte.

05Recruitment in Consumer and Retail:

Looking to hire and fill the vacancy in your departmental store, shop or consumer retail outlet? Then partnering with us will ensure that you are never in shortage of staff. Jobs in the consumer and retail industry require skill in communication, organization, and creating and executing sales strategies.

We assure you that the candidates hired through our assistance have the necessary skills to deal with customers in an effective manner and thus, make your business successful.

06Recruitment in Engineering:

If you are looking for an electronic, computer, mechanical, or aerospace engineer, then you have come to the right place. At Futurz, we get a host of candidates who are well-qualified, both freshers as well as experienced engineers looking for lucrative careers. Do you need an engineer to fulfil a task in your business? Then register and submit your job profile with us and we will deliver the right candidates for your business.

07Recruitment in Finance and Accounts:

We have numerous candidates in the financial management sector. These trained, experienced and qualified candidates are looking to develop their career in this field. Our expert team scrutinizes the entire list of candidates and compares them to the job description you have sent us. As soon as we find the desired candidate as specified, we will reach out to you, so that you can quickly meet your recruitment requirement.

08Recruitment in General Administration:

Are you looking for a general administrator for your business organization? You have come to the correct place. Futurz is constantly involved in hiring candidates in this sector for different types of business organizations throughout the country and the globe. An administrator is crucial for the day-to-day operations of your business and we offer skilled administrators who can manage the pressures of operations with ease. So, sign up with us and we will get back to you with your desired candidate at the earliest.

09Recruitment in Information Technology:

Hiring candidates for information technology businesses is one of our core areas. We understand the ever changing demands in the information technology industry and therefore, our specialized team of HR professionals is very specific when it comes to choosing the right talent for you. Provide us information on the kind of talent that you are looking for and, we will provide you the exact candidate as you requested.

10Recruitment in Insurance:

Are you on a constant hunt for employees in the insurance industry? The past several years, we have provided our insurance clients with skilled and talented employees. To hire candidates for your insurance business, partner with us and register the details of your job description. Picking from our large list of candidates, we will place the candidate that matches your job requirements.

11Recruitment in Industrial and Manufacturing:

We realise that there is a growing need for workers in the industrial and manufacturing sector. Whether you are searching for candidates on temporary, contract or permanent basis, you will find that we are able to provide as per your hiring need. Futurz has helped in hiring thousands of workers in the industrial and manufacturing sector for some of the business brands in the country and the world. Partner with us and we will help you out to get the right workers for your business.

12Recruitment in Legal:

If you are a law firm, government or a legal institution, we understand your needs and special attention is taken to find qualified employees for your organization. We carry a thorough examination of the candidate’s details and knowledge and only then go ahead with the hiring process so that you get the finest professional legal experts.

13Recruitment in Marketing and PR:

Whether you are looking for a social media executive, a digital marketer or a brand manager for your business, you will discover that we cater to all kind of jobs in the marketing and PR industry. The candidates will fit your the required role, whether offline or online marketing. Our pool of candidates ranges from industry freshers to marketing veterans. We understand the dynamics HR trends in this category and ensure that we provide our clients with the best solution for their HR requirements.

14Recruitment in Pharmaceutical:

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the biggest industries in the world, and hence, it requires a large volume of human resource. We are focused on finding experts that match the industry expectations and are up to date with the latest happening in the industry. Partnering with us will ensure that you get the skilled and knowledgeable staff to work for you.

15Recruitment in Healthcare:

The healthcare sector, which is one of the largest employers in the world, requires a wide range of experts. When you choose Futurz to assist you in hiring the candidates for your healthcare organization, we make sure that you get employees who are well trained, skilled, knowledgeable and experienced professionals. By utilizing our healthcare recruitment service, you access experts who can give your organization an edge in the market.

16Recruitment in Sales:

Over the past decade, we have helped multiple companies in hiring thousands of individuals in the sales category. In order to increase the sales for your business, you need to have individuals who are able to work as a team, deal with customers and most importantly, get you sales. Taking these considerations into account, we have a comprehensive list of candidates that you can choose from to hire for various sales profiles.

17Recruitment in Shipping and Cargo:

There are very few recruitment firms that cater to the needs of shipping and cargo industry. If you have frequently experienced difficulties in finding the right candidate, then your search ends with us. At Futurz, we have the special expertise to cater to recruitments needs of the shipping sector. We assure you that you will get the employees as per the specific job requirements and in the least amount of time for your shipping and cargo business.

Additionally, Futurz also undertakes manpower management for employers. We ensure you have the right number of employees at the right place and time to provide their service in the the shipping and cargo sector. We also meet any special requirements necessary manpower management.

18Recruitment in Supply Chain and Logistics:

The supply chain and logistics industry require skilled individuals to manage the supply chain management system. A supply chain is only as effective as the employees who run it and this makes recruitment critical. We help you find a solution for your employee requirements. When you register with Futurz, you access a list of candidates with the right qualities and traits required in managing the supply chain system.