Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory compliance is crucial for any organization to maintain high global standards and operate within any prescribed legal rules. Our team at Futurz takes into consideration all the legal formalities while providing compliance solutions to our clients. Our compliance team is actively updated on the various employment laws of the land. No organization can avoid regulatory affairs and hence, they should be aware of the different provisions and laws that affect their operations. Some of the important laws include the Factories Act, ESI Act, Minimum Wages Act, Professional Tax Act, Maternity Benefit Act, and Labour Welfare Fund to name a few.

Irrespective of the size or location of your organization, we will provide assistance to ensure your organization meets all the necessary compliances. The following is a broad classification of our regulatory affair services that we offer.

  • 01
    Auditing Service

    The first step of our auditing service is the evaluation of our client’s statutory compliance record. Through this, you ensure that all the regulatory affairs are followed as required by the law. We also conduct regulatory affair reviews on a regular basis for our clients. A detailed report of any errors or mismatches in your regulatory affairs system will be brought to your notice.

  • 02
    Statutory Compliance Service

    Every organization is responsible and can be held accountable for their compliance management system. Across many countries, the complexity of labour laws results in organizations having to comply too many statutory regulations. For example, in India, your statutory compliance involves PF, professional tax, minimum wage, and maternity benefit to just name a few.

    Our Statutory Compliance Service assists your organization in complying with regulations. We assess and also provide support in creating your payroll management system within statutory compliance.

  • 03
    Consulting Service

    Our consulting compliance service involves our team assessing your organization and then providing guidance to implement a compliance program. We offer suggestions regarding certain risks and the mitigating steps to overcome these risks. Additionally, training modules can be conducted to overhaul the managerial hierarchy and ensure everyone is fully informed of the necessary compliance codes.

  • 04
    Liaison Service

    In the liaison service, we undertake registration and renewals of regulatory affairs under the labour laws and acts. If a scenario arises where your organization requires special exemptions and approvals under regulatory affairs, our Futurz compliance team can assist you. Furthermore, if you want to inspect your closures under referred acts, then we provide this service as well.

    Futurz offers all types of services related to the regulatory affairs for your organization. If you are looking for a timely and precise compliance service for your regulatory affairs, then Futurz would be the right choice. Therefore, irrespective of the sector your business operates in, Futurz is able to provide you with the necessary services when it comes to the regulatory affairs. We take into consideration all the different rules and laws for different states and accordingly provide you with regulatory assistance.

    Regulatory affairs ensure your organization is on the right side of the legal spectrum. At Futurz, you will discover that we are well-versed in implementing the necessary compliances for your business organization.